Ancient Heroes

On September 15th Old Man McKenzie stumbled, half drunk, into the tavern in Plane of Knowledge and started telling anybody that would listen (and those that wouldn't) how things were back in the good ol' days. Now you can join in on his stories by reliving the classic content via Monster Missions. Each mission you shroud into a level 50 in gear representative of the time and go after the group nameds or the dragons. Each win earns you some brews which can be used to buy high powered versions of the gear of yore.

October 8th - Requirements to request, join, and loot from the two raids have changed. You now must be credited with completing at least 7 raids from Solteris, Mansion, Crystallos, or SoD (tier 2+). This is also required to purchase any raid flagged items from McKenzie. The requirements for purchasing augments has changed, and will be updated when I have exact details.