Plane of Justice


Plane if Innovation

Fabled Woven Shim Choker
Fabled Innovators Ring

Manaetic Behemoth
Fabled Coil of Twisted Platinum Wire
Fabled Protective Dust Drape
Fabled Self Contained Force Barrier

Plane of Disease

Fabled Malarian Leg Ear Stud
Fabled Diseased Ratskin Mask
Fabled Bone Spiked Crusher
Fabled Pus Covered Beetle Carapace

Plane of Nightmares

Terris Thule
Fabled Nightmarish Bone Ring
Fabled Indigo Snake Bracelet
Fabled Sable Lined Mantle
Fabled Fearsome Midnight Cloak

Plane of Storms

Neffiken, Lord of Kelek`Vor
Fabled Earring of the Raging Typhoon
Fabled Cobalt Ring of the Squall
Fabled Bulwark of Storms

Gurebk, Lord of Krendic
Fabled Earring of the Stormcloud
Fabled Idol of the Tempest Storm
Fabled Writ of Karana

Jeplak, Lord of Srerendi
Fabled Circlet of the Victor
Fabled Crackling Ring of Lightning
Fabled Raintravelers Overcloak
Fabled Girdle of the Storm Giant

Relv the Mysterious
Fabled Stout Water Repellant Boots
Fabled Carved Jetsam Short Staff
Fabled Ironbound Quarterstaff

Plane of Valor

Fabled Ring of Nobility
Fabled Shoulderpads of the Visionary
Fabled Valorous Quarterstaff

Ruins of Lxanvom, Crypt of Decay

Fabled Radiant Mask of the Disease Lord
Fabled Decayed Shoes of the Plaguebringer
The Fabled Rotting Fist

Plane of Torment

Keeper of Sorrows
Fabled Tormentor's Chain Collar
Fabled Band of the Adorned
Fabled Shaded Cloak

Fabled Miserable Bauble
Fabled Unadorned Cloak of Battle

Torden, Bastion of Thunder

Eindride Icestorm
Fabled Mantle of the Rainmakerk
Fabled Great Blade of Storms
Fabled Twice Forged Steel Bulwark

Brynju Thunderclap
Fabled Cap of Drowned Souls
Fabled Wicked Shank
Fabled Glowing Orb of the Stormwatcher

Auliffe Chaoswind
Fabled Greatstaff of the Four Winds
Fabled Wand of the Ice Storm

Hreidar Lynhillig
Fabled Tear of the Rainmaker
Fabled Hammer of the Wind

Gaukr Sandstorm
Fabled Mask of Thunder
Fabled Wind-worn Chestplate
Fabled Eye of the Sandstorm

Oreen Wavecrasher
Fabled Mask of the Hailstorms
Fabled Belt of Thunderous Auras
Fabled Rain Soaked Sandals

Kuanbyr Hailstorm
Dusty Fabled Stormriders Signet
Fabled Gargoyle Talon
Fabled Greater Stormwatcher Horn

Laef Windfall
Fabled Thundering Mace
Fabled Bracer of Energy

Agnarr the Storm Lord
Fabled Stormriders Signet
Fabled Longbow of the Stormcaller
Fabled Amulet of the Rain

Halls of Honor

Lord Mithaniel Marr
Fabled Cloak of the Wrulons
Fabled Blade of the Tempest
Fabled Bow of Contortion

Drunder, Fortress of Zek

Stampeding Piglet
Fabled Blood Earring of Rage
Fabled War Magus' Arrow Guard

Glykus Helmir
Fabled Blood Runed Battle Wand
Fabled Split Blade of Destruction

Tagrin Maldric
Fabled Black Plated Collar
Fabled Veil of War Wise Eyes

Vallon Zek
Fabled Pendant of the Triumphant Victor
Fabled Girdle of the Tactician
Fabled Obsidian Scimitar of War

Tallon Zek
Fabled Veteran's Battle Charm
Fabled Visor of Endless Sight
Fabled Battle Fists
Fabled Warmaster's Recurved Longbow

Warlord, Rallos Zek
Fabled War Charm of Crossed Blades
Fabled Red Eyed Mask of Rage
Fabled Boots of the Warmaster
Fabled Blade of War

Solusek Ro's Tower

(the 5 mini's share some loots)
Fabled Flame Encased Earring
Fabled Basalt Plated Pauldrons

Fabled Collar of Corrupted Flame
Fabled Hooded Sanguine Mantle
Fabled Obsidian Plated Pauldrons

Fabled Black Basalt Band
Fabled Jagged Shard of Frozen Flame
Fabled Rune Etched Bamboo Bo

Protector of Dresolik
Fabled Gleaming Obsidian Shard
Fabled Wand of the Firestorm

Fabled Circular Shield of the Blaze
Fabled Basalt Greatsword of the Protector

Solusek Ro
Fabled Baroque Half Mask of Solusek Ro
Fabled Gauntlets of the Burning Prince
The Fabled Orb of the Sun

Eryslai, the Kingdom of Wind (Plane of Air)

Queen Silandria
Fabled Scintillating Feather Mask

Elemental Masterpiece
Fabled Tethered Air Cape
Fabled Bejeweled Dagger of Summoning

Rinturion Windblade
Fabled Sparkling Satin Pantaloons

Xegony the Queen of Air
Fabled Exquisite Phoenix Feather Mantle
Fabled Puresteel Mantle
Fabled Vest of Phoenix Feathers
Fabled Xephyru, Wand of the Flowing Wind

Reef of Coirnav (Plane of Water)

Fabled Abalone Engraved Tribal Mask
Fabled Moss Encrusted Band

Grioihin the Wise
Fabled Seaweed Woven Leggings
Fabled Intricately Etched Seashell

Krziik the Mighty
Fabled Gem Encrusted Axe

Ofossaa the Enlightened - bugged?

Coirnav the Avatar of Water
Fabled Sharkbone Plated Shoulderpads
Fabled Mail of Storms
Fabled Double Woven Kelp Cord
Fabled Hammer of Crushing Waves

Doomfire, the Burning Lands (Plane of Fire)

Fabled Necklace of Reflected Flames

Arch Mage Yozanni
Fabled Phoenix Claw Talisman

Babnoxis the Spider Queen
Fabled Mask of the Insightful

Blazzax the Omnifiend
Fabled Cape of Flames

General Reparm
Fabled Fiery Staff of Zha

Fabled Blackflame Sphere

Fennin script
Fabled Band of Elder Understanding
Fabled Fire Crested Rune
Fabled Cord of the Pyre
Fabled Sable Shoes of Flame
Fabled Flame Idol of Ro
Fabled Fire Marked Rune

Criare Sunmane / Quavonis Firetail / Jaxoliz Dawneyes
Fabled Shimmering Sleeves of Flame
Fabled Drape of the Agile
Fabled Cloak of Combustion
Fabled Shining Crimson Shawl
Fabled Fang of Flame

Fennin Ro, the Tyrant of Fire
Fabled Great Mask of Flame
Fabled Immaculate Vest of the Fire Tyrant

Vegarlson, the Earthen Badlands (Plane of Earth a/b)

Warder of Earth
Fabled Entropy Pendant
Fabled Wristband of the Rathe
Fabled Leaf-jointed Cloak
Fabled Circular Crystalline Formation

Peregrin Rockskull
Fabled Clay Bracers of the Golem
Fabled Girdle of Earthen Stability
Fabled Flowing Moss Mantle

Monsterous Mudwalker
Fabled Bracers of Earthen Energy
Fabled Bone Sliver Ornament
Fabled Stone Etched Mallet

Mystical Arbitor of Earth
Fabled Cloak of Flickering Flame
Fabled Earring of Living Earth

Warlord Gintolaken
Fabled Bands of Earthen Energy

Avatar of Earth
Fabled Chestguard of Enchanted Marble
Fabled Earthen Bile
Fabled Sword of Primordial Power

Plane of Time

Fabled Ring of Evasion
Fabled Gloves of the Unseen
Fabled Cap of Flowing Time
Fabled Runewarded Belt

Terris Thule
Fabled Earring of Corporeal Essence
Fabled Talisman of Tainted Energy
Fabled Armguards of the Brute
Fabled Coif of Flowing Time

Tallon Zek
Fabled Cloak of the Falling Skies
Fabled Band of Prismatic Focus
Fabled Amulet of Crystal Dreams
Fabled Tactician's Shield

Vallon Zek
Fabled Earring of Temporal Solstice
Fabled Globe of Mystical Protection
Fabled Bow of the Tempest
Fabled Helm of Flowing Time

Cazic Thule
Fabled Timestone Adorned Ring
Fabled Belt of Tidal Energy
Fabled Earring of Unseen Horrors
Fabled Mask of Simplicity

Fabled Veil of the Inferno
Fabled Celestial Cloak
Fabled Belt of Temporal Bindings
Fabled Pulsing Onyx Ring

Rallos Zek
Fabled Visor of the Berserker
Fabled Band of Primordial Energy
Fabled Shield of Strife
Fabled Pauldrons of Devastation

Fabled Earring of Celestial Energy
Fabled Jagged Timeforged Blade
Fabled Mantle of Pure Spirit
Fabled Bracer of Timeless Rage

Fabled Silver Hoop of Speed
Fabled Cord of Temporal Weavings
Fabled Stone of Flowing Time
Fabled Earthen Bracer of Fortitude