News - November 9

Hi gang. Couple things to toss out there today. First, I caved in and made a Facebook page for Rasper, it seems a lot cleaner than Myspace, less "clunky" so I figured I'd give it a go. You can search for "Rasper Helpdesk", I'm the orc ;) Just include that you are from EQ in the friend request so I know who ya are.

Second, the Underfoot guide is in full swing. I'm looking at Dec 22nd as my release date, give people a week (or 2 if they do the pre-releaes events) to look around before I put it out. Just in time for Christmas!

Lastly, as SoD content ages traffic to the site naturally goes down (thinking its about 40% of the views I had in April). Naturally this means a reduction in ad revenue, and couple this right when I need to resub for magelo, buy expansion, etc.. Well, lets just say if you haven't donated, this would be a great time (see donate button on left). To all of you that have (and there are far too many to name), my sincerest thanks! To anybody else, if you can find a dollar or two in your Christmas fund, it all adds up to keep things running smoothly. Now that I feel cheap begging for money... take care all, and I'll see you with a fresh new guide on Dec 22nd!