BP clicky and focus effect

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BP clicky and focus effect

Postby Imrahil » Fri Aug 10, 2012 6:43 pm

Hello fellow paladins!

Chandrok has asked what players would like as BP focus and clicky effect, so I am asking for everyone's input.

Did you like/dislike the current effects? Could you think of something better? Keep in mind that this is all about being balanced, so if you want a 5 tick extension on deflection, it wont happen ;)
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Re: BP clicky and focus effect

Postby shiftie » Fri Aug 10, 2012 7:42 pm

The deflection focus shouldn't be touched. There is nothing more important to the paladin overall function than that extension. There isn't a single focus for any one of our spells or abilities that could equal that power.

The BP click is very meh and the minor upgrade from HoT -> VoA in dps/healing was barely noticeable. The biggest issue with the click is the resist adjust, it gets resisted more often then it should. For extra healing you get more return out of the SoD BP as it lasts about 3 minutes and doesn't rely on resists for returns on the healing and also doesn't have proc counters.

The other issue is proc competition. On a burn you have panther or crystal of daylight/bard proc song/ possible poison/innate imbue/IJ/RV so adding yet another proc has really really low returns and then it gets resisted.

A much greater benefit would be a revamp of something like the wyrmguard shoulders from vish which are on timer 8 with the Redeemer's Breastplate fromt he PoR expansion.

So something like

Wave of the Redeemed

Skill: Alteration
Target: Caster Group
Range: 100, AE Range: 100
Beneficial: Blockable
1: Increase Current HP by 5889
2: Autocast Redeemer's Renewal

Redeemer's Renewal
Skill: Alteration
Target: Caster Group
Range:100, AE Range: 100
Beneficial: Blockable
Duration: 18s Extend: No
9: Increase Current Mana by 2500 per tick

With the growth of mana pools by another 10k or so and HP by another 50k or so people will be sitting on 88k mana and buffed 150k or more HP. The heal has to be great enough to make a dent and actually save enough HP in a dot tic or close to equal to our last years wave heal which is the value I chose. The 2500 mana a tic would be 7500 mana over the 3 tics or roughly that of a mod rod which will be around 8% of mana pools next expansion but gives paladins something to click when they die or are out of mana to A. Get a heal off and B. get on their way toward getting back into the thick of things.

Other ideas I like/liked

1. PBAE root
2. Single target nuke with a Self only mana charge for 9k -15k mana with a 2 tic silence.
3. A version of the current click but instead of returning HP it returns mana back to the caster 12 charges at 750 -1k mana per proc which would be 9k mana total.
4. Group armor of the Inquisitor click
5. Group Parry/riposte mod on a separate slot than the cleric/knight/war spires
6. Single target Brells 2 sec cast time 30 sec recast
7. Group purification
8. AE Free target stun equal to current chanter level AE stun, 6 target limit (exact mechanics of the Blinding Firework from the loyalty vendor).
9. self only Invisibility 3 second cast time, fixed duration 2 min recast
10. Group DA

Basically I approached those ideas from a what could benefit paladins, not be totally overpowering and access to an ability we wouldn't otherwise have. With the 10 minute recasts or other more reasonable recasts for less powerful items it would be a chase item worth having again but not game breaking.

BP's used to mean something special and not just a 0.5% increase over the last expansion.

While we are on the topic imrahil, approach him about tonic of resonant healing potions and then ask him to put the click on priest/hybrid legs like the rogue poisons. I miss the days of kunark etc armor clicks.

GL with beta

This is what I do when I'm not raiding
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Re: BP clicky and focus effect

Postby Imrahil » Sat Aug 11, 2012 4:06 pm

Thanks for the input, Shiftee (are you back in the game? If so, nice indeed).

I agree totally on the focus and I think that feeling is shared by almost everyone (told Chandrok before even posting here).

I like your idea about the groupheal, Vish shoulders were awesome back then and imho a BP clicky should indeed be something to look forward to.
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