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SoF - Dropped Spells - Locations

Postby Sabby » Tue Mar 18, 2008 1:50 pm

(Copied from Fenier's post at TDG)

This seems to be the theme for SoF.

Rank 1 Spells which are vendored, have global dropped Rank IIs
Rank 1 Spells which are dropped, have Rank II available on one of 7 faction vendors in SoF.

Non Vendored Rank I spells:

Fernspike - Mino Caves in Loping Plains
Solarsliver - Blackwater Resident Mobs in Hills of Shade
Winter's Blaze - a spirit of flame, burning Ship in the water - Hills of Shade
Survival of the Fittest - moldering mulch - Hills of Shade
Scales of the Reptile - Bloodmoon Keep off Undead to the Left of the zone in.
Nature's Burning Wrath - Steam Factory - Biodisposal Mass
Preincarnation - Minos in S.H.I.P

Faction Based Rank IIs with camp:

Fernspike - Kindly with Brownie Rebel's
Solarsliver - Kindly Faction with Camp Valor - Hills of Shade
Winter's Blaze - Ally with Crusader's of Veeshan
Survival of the Fittest - Fangbreaker Camp - Kindly Faction
Scales of the Reptile - Fangbreaker Camp - Ally Faction
Nature's Burning Wrath - Ally with Rebel Brownies
Preincarnation - Kindly Faction with Lady of the Light
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