Out of Date Sham needs an instructional

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Out of Date Sham needs an instructional

Postby haxot » Sun Dec 02, 2012 5:20 pm

Or call this thread: New-style shamaning for old style shams.
It sounded wittier in my head.

I quit before underfoot came out. Been off the evercrack for a couple years.
Friend's convinced me to get on the horse again...

The horse cried when I tried to step on the gas.

How do I drive this thing again?

I feel terribly out of date; but I genuinely want to give the game a try again.

Suggestions on how to re-familiarize myself?

Used to raid. Used to lead shaman class for raiding purposes in pre-underfoot times.
Used to be on the ball.

Thankees in advance for your comments and time.

And an explanation of some of the new weirdness terms. Like "velocity" and other not-specifically shaman things. Good lord, I feel old.
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Re: Out of Date Sham needs an instructional

Postby fendaann » Mon Dec 03, 2012 6:43 pm

Suggestions on how to re-familiarize myself?

You might look over this like for FAQ for newbies even if your not a newbie the do have good info about restarting EQ after coming back.


this link is for the chat channels info for in game help. for like quests or other questions ect.
http://forums.station.sony.com/eq/index ... nnels.114/

use the
/lfguild to pull up the guild message boards look for a guild that works with new peeps coming back to help you get on track.

use the /find in POK and check the SHam Spell NPCs for missing spells a lot of spells 85 and under are on the NPCs now in POK.

spells research I use
http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/spel ... ion=search

AA's I use

You might create a magelo
http://eq.magelo.com/ to see what gear and what clicks and focuses you got and what you want to improved next.

Have fun

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Re: Out of Date Sham needs an instructional

Postby haxot » Tue Dec 04, 2012 1:19 am

[voice=Darth_Vader]I find your lack of personally stated experience .. disturbing.[/voice]

Seriously tho, what spells does one generally use around level 85~90?

My toon is 91, but it's been on loan to a friend for a few years. I quit during the SOF expansion, memory serving correctly. Believe that was about level 85.

Thanks for the info you did leave - I leave to read.
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Re: Out of Date Sham needs an instructional

Postby Ughbash » Tue Dec 04, 2012 8:39 am


Xslia can probalby tell you some stuff I know she has a shaman now..... Or failing that Jeldar (he seems to be the most on the ball of our current crop of shaman's).

My experience is more as a bot than a Shaman main so my spell selection will be different.

My spells are:
Counterbias slow
Talisman of Lion
Heal over time
Direct Heal
Top 3 Long Dots (2 poisons and a magic)
Top 2 Fast Dots
Emergency Group Heal.

If I was main healer for group I would likely use the recourse heal instead of one of the dots.

IF solo (since I vaugley remeber you used to solo) Root/Rot works about the same there are lots of areas where you can root/rot. Animals in Pillars and CoB seem to be popular.
Again my standard routine for my shaman is hot key 1 (assist target, Counterbias slow, AA Malo, Talsiman of lion).
Then assuming only one mob overwrite the slow with AA slow (during spell cool down).
Then Canni and add dots. IF you are healer for grp healing takes precendecne over dots :) (but you already know that). If Multiple Mobs, VP adds and Slow them as those abilities refresh (as a Monk main that is not a worry for me usually).
As for Raiding... Click the Epic for burn and I am happy (though when I have raided with my Shambot I tend to keep group HoT up and spam Recourse)
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