85 SK Pling a Weezard

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85 SK Pling a Weezard

Postby Datzyoazz » Fri Apr 17, 2009 1:22 pm

Where would be a good spot to PL my wizard from 70-80.

I have done Valdeholm pulling trains with group of Sk + Wiz + Merc healer. Goes by pretty slow, but isnt that bad of exp.

I have done C2 Fire - but with fableds going on its a little hard get C2 open. Same group set up.

Or should i do C2 Fire with Sk + cleric merc, out of group and just DS them down with the wiz AE'ing and getting all the exp? or should i try to do the cleric revers DS PL process.

Appreciate any tips you guys can share.
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