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new shammy in need of lots of help

PostPosted: Thu Feb 25, 2010 9:46 am
by shadowslow
well this is my first time playing a shammy and i need a lot of help. i have played raid sk and raid ranger. now the guild i am in i took a break and they dont need sk's anymore and gf's bro said he would help me get up to speed with my shammy since thats what they need. problem is i have no idea how to play one efficiently. what i need to know is what buffs to use to raid buff guild. also what spells to use for soloing and solo meeling. also group spells i will need to use. also if anyone could help me with what hot keys i will need to set up for group/raid that would be awesome. thanks to whoever can help me on this. the shammy is lvl 61 right now but within 2 weeks he will be raid worthy so thats all the time i have to learn this character and its capabilities and my duties.

Re: new shammy in need of lots of help

PostPosted: Thu Feb 25, 2010 10:38 am
as a raid shaman you'll need your epic 2.0.
I suggest you really work on capping your resists,it really helps when you don't need to worry about healing yourself as much when your a groups main healer as shaman are much of the time.
After the basics such as canni you should put as many AA's into the healing AA's as possible.
I also suggest you get spell casting subtlety early as possible,I know alot of shaman don't like getting this but a dead shaman can't heal or slow a whole lot.

Re: new shammy in need of lots of help

PostPosted: Thu Feb 25, 2010 3:00 pm
by fendaann
well the raid guild should have some info about what they want in lvl and number of AA's and other requirements like

(AA -- Radiant Cure (MAXXED for your level)

Spell Quest must have 'Blood of Nadox' spell ... quest=2405

LDON points or have some one Make you a 'Remove Greater Curse' Spell

Re: new shammy in need of lots of help

PostPosted: Thu Feb 25, 2010 6:11 pm
by shadowslow
well the guild itself is it terrible need of shammies since there are only 2 part time raid shammies. i do plan on soloing a lot trying to learn the class though i amnot sure what spells to use or have loaded for raids or for soloing. i used to watch a shammy tank crystallos no merc but had no idea whats spells he was using and [personally i would at least like to be able to tank thalassius or tbs. raids i know i will figure out the aa's for those since while i am aaing i will eventually get them while soloing and such. so any ideas on the spells to have loaded. i will be lvl 85 soon and all spells will be givin to me from guild that much i am sure of.

Re: new shammy in need of lots of help

PostPosted: Thu Feb 25, 2010 8:29 pm
by fendaann
spell sets are based upon Level

you can do a Forum search for spell set to find old posts of older lower level sets

here is one for
Root/Rot Tips/Help

Re: new shammy in need of lots of help

PostPosted: Fri Feb 26, 2010 4:20 am
by Survivar
Spells for Raiding -
My line up is usually fairly standard. - Dannals - Lynx - Canni - Group HoT- Sloth - Unity - Malo - Champ - Wild Growth - Counterbias - Cure(Versatile Slot) - Antecedent's Intervention

This spell set up is more leaned towards healing/buffing/debuffing for raiding, which are the main things shamans are used for.

Spells for Solo -
If i am Tank soloing i usually run with. - Dannal - Grp HoT (too lazy to target self lol ) - Canni - 5 or 6 best dots - Bite - Counterbias - Antecedent's

Root/Rot is pretty basic. - Dannal - Best malo - Canni - as many dots as possible - Antecedent's

I always keep Dannal and Antecedent's up for obvious healing reasons.

Re: new shammy in need of lots of help

PostPosted: Wed Mar 03, 2010 10:06 am
by Hollierth
For Mains & Bots alike..

Buffing Others
As a shaman our first duty is to buff the raid with focus, foresight, haste, regen etc.

Talisman of Unity: Includes Darkpaw Focusing, Spirit of Determination, Mammoth's Strength, and Preternatural Foresight.
Talisman of the Resolute rk II: HP regen 147/tick.
Listlessness : Aggro buff, procs a slow on any mob hitting the target as well as a chance to heal. Great for when our knights need to kite, and generally should be on the tanks at all times.
Wild Growth rk III : Adds up to 5600hp (at rk3) for a short time. Great for our tanks when the mobs are hitting very hard.

Self Buffing
Of the 5 buffs here, Pact and Preincarnation should always be used and Spirit walk is very handy, even though it has a 2min recast time.

Ward of Restoration: General self buff only ward. Mitigate Melee Damage by 10%, 500 total. Good buff to keep up if there are tons of adds for it procs a hot when it worn off by melee damage.
Pack of Aina: Able to proc a set of spirit wolves while casting damaging spells (though no proc on dot ticks) eats 300/tick so use only during burn fights.
Preincarnation: Our version of DI, when you run out of HP you receive a small chance to get healed and DI'd for 45 seconds. If the spell fails and doesn't save us it proc a short duration preincarnation on our group.
Spirit Walk AA: Levitation, Increase movement 72%, & Invis. Useable indoors and out.
Pact of the Wolf AA: 3 ranks, adds 500hp/mana, see invis and ultravision, can cast another illusion over this.

As a shaman one of our first duties is to debuff the mobs. Normally all shaman attempt to slow, as it is very important to land as fast as possible. Leading with a Malos spell first is a great way to land slow on the first or second try. Two new AAs, Dampen Resistance and Focus of Arcanum help to land spells, does not work with AAs.

Healing Counterbias: Inhibit Melee Attacks by 75% (a copy of Balance), adds a HoT to the target's target.
Splash of Runedust: Inhibit Melee Attacks by 40%, 30% chance each to proc a Slow, Snare, and Decrease AC.
Turgur's Swarm: AA, Decrease Attack Speed by 75%, 16 Disease Counters
Listlessness: Buff, Procs Inhibit Melee Attacks by 25%, Increase Disease Counter by 16, also adds a HoT to whoever it is casted on
Balance of Discord: Decrease Attack Speed by 75%, 24 Disease Counters
Cloud of Grummus: Decrease Attack Speed by 40%, 16 Disease Counters (Magic resist for those hard to slow mobs)
Tigir's Insect Swarm: AA AE Decrease Attack Speed by 50%, 16 Disease Counters, Decreases hate by 500.
Time's Antithesis: Click, Decrease Attack Speed by 75%, 16 Disease Counters, no recast time

Malosenea: Cold, Magic, Fire, Poison by 95. Increase Incoming spell damage by 9%
Malosinete AA:Cold, Magic, Fire, Poison by 68
Crippling Spasm: Decrease Agi, Dex, Str, AC - discontinued line for shaman
Feralisis:makes your target susceptible to effects that work on animals, while also lowering its accuracy and making it more susceptible to blunt attacks. Doesn't work on all types of mobs
Dampen Resistance: Decrease Spell Resist Rate by 5% to 85, 48 seconds
Focus of Arcanum: Decrease Spell Resist Rate by 25% to 85, 4mins 36seconds
Acute Focus of Arcanum: Decrease Spell Resist Rate by 35% to 85, 3mins

Shaman are priests and thus have the 3rd best healing in game. For some fights if we are low on clerics and druids, we have to step up and spam heal the MT.
But mainly as we will be grouped with all melees we are group healers first and foremost. Our best two tricks to keep our dps alive are Antecedent's Intervention, which heals for greater percents the lower someone is below 65% but has a 180sec recast time which can be brought down via AAs, and Shadow of Renewal, a group hot to help out if there is a DS or AEs.
Frost Gift/Glorious Favor: Casts our Ice Nuke, in 1 sec. Adds Healing Twincast for 3 ticks. Helps us make up the difference in healing between us and druids/clerics.

Pure Spirit: Single Target, Remove Detrimental (6 )
Remove Greater Curse: Single Target, Decrease Curse Counter by 9
Chant of the Burynai rk II:Group, Decrease corruption counter by 8
Blood of Avoling rk II:Group, Decrease Poison/Disease counter by 11
Cure Corruption rk III: Single Target, Decrease corruption counter by 8
Abolish Disease: Single Target, Decrease Disease Counter by 36
Radiant Cure:Group, Decrease Curse, Poison, Disease by 31, Remove Detrimental (18)

Shaman are not natural DPSers, though we do have the second best DoTs in game, we are much better at helping others to DPS.
But as raids require the help of all members, we can easily throw 1-3 dots on a mob and call it a day. Bite of the Ukun is also a great nuke, with crits ranging from 9k to 15k depending on the focus, though will be pushing 20k due to UF AAs.

Most often we will be helping the melees with our Epic, AAs and Champ/Panther line.

Epic Click: Increase chance to crit by 65%, heals 500hp/tick
Champion: Increase Attack, Str, Dex, Agi by 140, Increase All Skills Damage Modifier by 10%
Talisman of the Lynx rk III: Proc 729dmg, critable and spell dmg
Third Spire of the Ancestors: Increase Proc Modifier by 20%, Increase Accuracy by 35%, Increase All Skills Minimum Damage Modifier by 30%
Ancestral Aid and Union of the Spirits: Increase Str, Dex, Agi & Cap by 180, Heals 775hp/tick MGBable

A great chart to look at what classes abilities stack with which (Part 7):

Canni V: Decrease HP by 6000, Increase Mana by 3600
Virulent Paralysis: Increase Disease Counter by 16, Root 2.9mins + pushback 18
Union of Spirits: Increase Str, Dex, Agi & Cap by 180, Increase HP when cast by 4890,Increase Hitpoints v2 by 2498 per tick
Call of the Wild: Summons Player to corpse, can rezz later
Spiritual Channeling: Converts HP to Mana, 3mins
Ancestral Guard: Mitigate Melee Damage by 75%, 23000 total
Inconspicuous Totem: Fade and Mezzes the Shaman, lasts 30secs and drops all aggro.
PS STOLEN from my guild website so is particular to our style.

Re: new shammy in need of lots of help

PostPosted: Sat Mar 06, 2010 2:38 am
by Turgor
The Above was created by myself, although it has a good listing of most of our abilities it is nowhere near complete as it doesn't really say where/when to use them. But I felt that if one is in a raiding guild, or even has the spells/AAs listed, that they should know the best situations to use them in, although input is always appreciated as each player may see their class a bit differently than others. I hope this little collection of info is useful to anyone, cause then it'll be worth the time I took to look everything up and put it together in a single thread.
Next step would be spell sets and possibly even which type of energian orb to use depending on the type of event/encounter, might even get down to the finer details of how a single shaman can influence the raid depending on what they choose to focus their abilities on.