Monk or Merc?

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Monk or Merc?

Postby gaesekki » Tue Feb 15, 2011 1:34 pm

Greetings all - I have a question for those well versed in HoT.

I usually play with a friend of mine and we run a less than ideal group. At the moment I box a monk and a shaman and he is running a druid and a mage. We came back after a very long break and have done pretty well so far into T2. The monk has a mix of recondite and abstruse as well as a mix of t1 and t2 for non-visible. We have t5 mercs.

My question is can we continue with this set up and have success or would we be better off going with tank merc? Currently the monk sits at about 42k buffed with a shade over 4800 AC (33416/4412 unbuffed). CA=26/38 CS=23/38 (only 1158 total). I am sure aa's will come pretty fast once 90 is achieved.

We are moving along at our own pace so speed is not the primary concern. I guess the options would be:

1. Stay the course - run Shaman Monk Druid Mage - Healermerc Roguemerc
2. Change Roguemerc to Tankmerc at the expense of kill speed
3. Change Healermerc to Roguemerc and run heals with Shaman/Druid with Monk tank
4. Run Tankmerc and roguemerc and run heals with Shaman/Druid

Monk/Shaman are 89, Druid is 87 and Mage is a wee one sub 85 atm.

Any advice on a good path going forward would be appreciated.

edit - forgot to add eqplayers link (magelo hopelessly out of date i think) ... 2576170118
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Re: Monk or Merc?

Postby Ughbash » Tue Feb 15, 2011 8:41 pm

As a monk main you CAN tank with a monk.....

With that said get a Merc Tank and it will be much easier. Still may want to keep teh monk aroudn for pulling but let the merc tank.

Shaman monk Druid Mage Tank Merc Cleric Merc should be fine.
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Re: Monk or Merc?

Postby gaesekki » Wed Feb 16, 2011 11:11 am


That is kind of the way we were leaning from our experience so far just in T2. Will try it out and see how much it affects the kill speed.
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