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Returning Paladin

Postby sgdirtbag » Sat Oct 10, 2015 2:07 pm

So, once again EQ pulls me back into its clutches. I have return and rerolled a Paladin, and have a few questions if anyone is still checking/updating this site. I understand they nerfed swarming, at least for SKs, but does anyone know how bad it was for Paladins? I am not looking to pull the 300+ trains I was pulling with my SK, but I know EQ when it was ran by SOE never knew how to fix anything that could be abused, they only made it one step above useless. Right now I am playing on the FV server, so the cool part about that is most the gear is droppable, so I might be able to still some gear from my SK. But the stuff I have to buy is typically 1000 times more expensive than on other servers.

So my questions are:

1) Is it still possible to "baby swarm" undead using the Slay Undead line.
2) Are pallies able to solo/molo for those times when I cannot find a group?
3) I know that I can auto grant AAs, but for when that runs out should I farm AAs or level?
4) Speaking of the auto grant AAs, if I want the higher level AAs, like the ones that require level 100 or so, does the auto grant AA option met the pre-reqs or do I need to farm like 5k AAs?

Thank you in advance.
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