Big valorous rage nerf inc.

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Big valorous rage nerf inc.

Postby boukk » Thu Mar 10, 2011 8:45 pm



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Greetings Paladins,

Unfortunately, I'm addressing you directly today because I need to fix a fairly large mistake made on my part with the way one of our spell effects was used in the AA "Valorous Rage". Currently, this one ability is enabling too great an increase in critical damage output and needs to be changed. My intent was to give you a burst damage tool, but not something that would allow you to top actual DPS classes on a regular basis. Currently, this AA is proving a massive boost to your crit damage, with a reuse timer short enough to be used every major raid fight in a night.

While I have no intention of reducing this bonus to the realm of 'uselessness', I do need to scale it back a fair amount. Currently, at max rank, it is providing roughly a 500% increase to critical damage. I intend to scale this back to half that number, as well as scaling back the other ranks of the ability similarly. This will still provide a nice boost when necessary, but will keep you more in line with where you should be.

I thank you for your understanding in this matter.
Heh, Zarzac and co can stop raging and spread lies and misinformation, job done.

Pity the ability got nerfed because of 7th when it's only usable so rarely but heh.
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