Great AA ability - Teleport to Bind

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Great AA ability - Teleport to Bind

Postby Benedorf » Wed May 22, 2013 2:19 pm

Not exactly new, But I wanted to comment on this feature. This in my opinion is a great way to establish a camp. The Druid or Wizard binds at the location of the "proposed camp", and goes to grab the rest of the group. AA TL to bind brings to group right to the camp spot fully buffed and ready to fight. If in a fellowship together 3 or more can set up the campfire and then use that to clicky back to the camp after being Zepyhr-ed for whatever reason. The Druid can pop em out to get buffed, do a bank run, retrieve an item needed from elsewhere, make a tribute donation (Make changes to personal tribute abilites) and they can click right back to the camp using the fellowship campfire (Or guild banner for raids).

I'm sure tons more uses that i have not yet dreamed of, But I *LIKE* this AA, it is right up there with the AA ability Exodus in my opinion.

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