Any News from Beta about druids?

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Any News from Beta about druids?

Postby snakebane » Mon Nov 30, 2009 11:48 am

Altough it will be quite some time before I'll have to worry about the Spells I'd still like a peek at what the future holds. Also can anyone elaborate on the new target window?
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Re: Any News from Beta about druids?

Postby Audelise » Mon Nov 30, 2009 6:55 pm

The most information I found was here -- ... _id=158486

Apparently not much is set in stone for Druids...spells and AAs are both in te process of changing still.

As for the new target window - I thought this was a great description and I'm excited to try it out:

The new Extended Target Window (ETW) is just awsome, worth getting the expansion just for that. Right now has 5 slots, where you can select either a PC or NPC to go in the window, and from there, acts like your group window. For raids, great for placing tanks that are not in your group in the window, place NPCs for balance events, fast targeting of adds (if you have the slots as auto hate list...meaning it will auto place targets in the window of NPCs that are on your hate list). For grouping, I will most likely keep the window on auto hate list, unless I have a boxed outside the group, will place that boxed person in a slot to watch their health.
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