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SoD Groupable Gear

Postby Daldaen » Tue Nov 18, 2008 11:07 pm

Here is a link to the best possible group geared druid for those of you grouping druids or people who box druids :

As for the gear it isn't complete as a full set of druid T5 visible gear isn't in Magelo yet, also I didn't look at newer augs that much so it could be a little bit better there.... but for non visibles heres a little guide:

Rings 1(beneficial range) - Old Bloodfields off Klygg(Named Ukun)
Rings 2(beneficial mana) - Korafax off Overlord Gevarlak the Dread
Earrings 1(Oracle) - Old Bloodfields off Thangrel(Named Noc)
Earrings 2(Bonehook) - ??? (could just get the non type 3 earring off Thangrel)
Waist - Old Bloodfields off Noddri(Named Kyv)
Face - City of Dranik off Txenn(Named Kyv)
Neck - Korafax off Hexxt Soulhunter
Shoulders - Old Bloodfields off Emlyxi(Named Ikaav)
Back - Korafax off Feran Mindrender
Secondary - City of Dranik off Xounea(Named Ikaav)
Primary - Korafax off ????
Range - ????
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