Lord of the Rings Online

...especially those with Shaman or Shaman-like classes.

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Lord of the Rings Online

Postby Samanna » Mon Jul 13, 2009 10:07 pm

The Lore-master seems to be comparable to an EQ Shaman.

Anyone played one?
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Re: Lord of the Rings Online

Postby greendul » Tue Jul 14, 2009 2:13 pm


It's been awhile since I've been here. Stopped playing EQ about 18 months ago, and my accounts expired at the beginning of this year and about month ago. I've been in LOTRO since then. Nothing major bumped me from EQ (well the whole station cash thing annoyed me when I heard about it). I just started playing LOTRO and loved it. Still, I think about EQ some though so figured I'd lurk on some of the boards.

LOTRO is interesting in terms of mapping classes to EQ. I do it constantly since EQ is the only other MMO I've played. My main in EQ started as a Druid but I switched over to Shaman after awhile. In LOTRO my main is a hunter but i have a Warden coming up. I have tried all the classes through the early levels though.

As a direct mapping I'd say Loremaster is about as close to EQ Shaman as you can get. Think more Beastlord side of the Shaman though. LM's focus on crowd control, some debuffs, some cures, and pets. If you're a "battle shaman" though be forewarned - melee abilities with the LM take awhile to build and even then it's all light armor. TBH, I think the LoreMaster maps a bit more to enchanter.

If you like more of a debuff focus then the burglar class is the one. But it'd be more of a blend of rogue/shaman.

Healers are primarily the Minstrel (interesting approach to healing through the use of building ballads) and the RuneKeeper. Minstrels are not like EQ Bards, they're the Cleric equivalent. The RK is probably what EQ Druids should be. :)

Runekeepers are either DPS or Healing. They use an attunement system - the more you cast one class of spell (DPS/Healing) then the more your power meter moves in that direction. The more it moves in that direction then the more spells open up on that side and fewer spells become available on the other side. It immediately resets after combat.

If you like HoTs/DoTs then its the Warden class. Wardens are an interesting blend - think ranger tank without the need for as many rezzes. :) They use a gambit system which is based off of three main melee abilities. Offense, Defense, Taunt. Different combos of the basic skills give you a special maneuver that will execute skills. May of the skills are focused on HoTs, DoTs, ToTs (threat over time) and morale drains. So the Warden can tank a group of mobs and survive due to the HoTs & Drains while wearing the mobs down. Add in self ports, self run speed buff and ranged damage skills and you have an interesting mix that's pretty fun.

Just to round it out here are how I see the basic class mappings:

Warrior - Guardian, Warden (med armor/multiple mobs)
Cleric - Minstrel
Shaman - LoreMaster, some Burglar, some Warden
Druid - Runekeeper, Hunter (for ports/run speed)
Paladin - Captain
ShadowKnight - Captain (Heavy Armor pet class)
Wizard - Hunter (while a "melee" class Hunters are the big DPS & porting class)
Mage - LoreMaster, RuneKeepr, Hunter - no direct mapping really
Monk - Champion (high Melee DPS), Warden (special moves/combos, med armor tanking)
Ranger - Hunter (ranged DPS, some melee), Warden
Beastlord - LoreMaster
Enchanter - LoreMaster, Burg to a point
Rogue - Burglar
Necro - eh, Loremaster I guess. But nothing really equates to a Nec in LOTRO that I've seen.

There are classes that you can play in Monster Play (LOTRO PvP) but I haven't spent as much time in there.

I love LOTRO but I do miss my Shaman. Hope this helps. Let me know if you try the game out.
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Re: Lord of the Rings Online

Postby greendul » Fri Oct 23, 2009 3:18 pm

Just thought I'd another thought to this.

I've started playing a Captain a bit and feels a bit Shaman-ish.

The Captain is a heavy armor pet class that buffs. Captains can heal, res, and provide a decent amount of offensive buffs. Playing the character reminds me of some situations with my Shaman. Of course I never played an EQ paladin so it could be more along those lines. Just thought I'd share.
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