Star Trek Online

...especially those with Shaman or Shaman-like classes.

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Star Trek Online

Postby fendaann » Wed Jan 06, 2010 2:53 pm

Doctor - healer type

Sham type - Klingon Doctor

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Re: Star Trek Online

Postby Samanna » Fri Jan 08, 2010 10:47 pm

I don't find any information about Klingon Doctors - or, in fact, much info at all on character classes.
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Re: Star Trek Online

Postby WaringMcMarrin » Mon Jan 11, 2010 1:20 am

I hear its going into open beta soon so more info should be out soon.
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Re: Star Trek Online

Postby Doranur_Aleguzzler » Mon Mar 15, 2010 4:57 am

Here's STO in a nutshell -

Three captain types -
Engineer - Good self-preservation abilities in space via shield buffing/regen skills and hull repair sills. Good support on away missions by dropping turrets (phaser, medical, shield, grenade), creating drones, and regen on friendly personal shields.
Science - Lots of buff/debuff abilities in space. Can choose offensive/defensive support roles or healer role on away missions.
Tactical - Offensive boost skills in space. Heavy combat skills or even stealth on away missions.

Three ship categories -
Science - Moderate damage output, best shield mods overall. Bonuses to science skills you or Bridge Officers use.
Escort - DPS, easily the equivalent of rangers years ago. Sneeze in their direction the go down compared to other ship categories.
Cruiser - Supposed to be the "tank" of the ship categories. Has inherent power output bonuses to all four power pools. This can in effect give it better tanking ability than all other ships using the exact same gear. My fat ass can maneuver better though.

Bridge Officers - this is where you get skills to assist others either in space or on the ground. Each BO gets one ground and space skill per rank and they can only use them once they are promoted to the appropriate rank or assigned to a higher rank bridge station.I typically run with one each tactical and engineer BO and 2x science (one skilled for medical, one for CC/support). Groups are five players, or any mix players and BO up to five max.

As an Admiral I command a Luna-class recon science ship. My character is an engineer by trade and I have him geared to drop offensive and support turrets as well as a support drone for away missions. This ship gives me one commander science BO slot, one Lt. Commander science BO slot, one each lieutenant tactical and engineer BO slot, and one ensign tactical BO slot. Even if all were promoted to Commander rank, they can only use the skills available for that rank slot. On the ground they are not limited and can use all of their Commander rank skills. I prefer the maneuverability, the survivability and the ability to target specific subsystems (power pools) that the science ships offer. I like to think of the science ships as the shaman of STO.

As you may have noticed, any "class" captain can command any category of ship.
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