Parsing Healing Boon

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Parsing Healing Boon

Postby chanzg » Fri Nov 19, 2010 9:04 pm

I decided to Parse Healing Boon to determine what percentage of HoT ticks would Crit. I have not purchased the House of Thule ranks yet, but I have all the others. I tried a couple of different approaches. I decided to use the AA canni and our spell gem canni to create the HP deficiency. I used my Epic which heals for 500 per tick and crits for 1000 per tick to monitor the crits per 10 tick run of the epic HoT. I found that the number of crits in a ten tick run varied widely. I had as few as 10% (1 crit tick) and as many as 50% (5 crit ticks). The overall average came out to 26% for 5 runs (50 ticks total). Next I decided to try an extended test in the guild lobby. Here I could cast the Epic HoT once and continue to use the two canni for as long as I wanted. I got 70 crit ticks out of 311 ticks total; 22.5%. My reason for this is to try to determine if the three new ranks of Healing Boon are worth purchasing ASAP at 12 AAs each rank, or should I wait and level up first. I know that at a cost of 12 AAs, Healing gift is only increasing by 1% per rank, but I have no idea what the percentage increase is for HoT ticks with new ranks of Healing Boon. If it is only 1% per rank at a cost of 12 AAs each rank, I will put this one on hold in favor of leveling.
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